Friday, September 11, 2015

Dallas Bathtub and sink refinishing

We work in Dallas and Fortworth Tx, providing repairs and refinishing for tubs , sinks, vanity , tile, cabinets and much more.
local tub refinisher phone 214-4322717
With 20 years in Business serving Dallas, Houston, San Antonio  (TX), Miami, Orlando (FL), Atlanta (GA), Tubs and Tops has become the best refinishing company in the state of Texas.... We are members of " Nation wide refinishing asosiation" and BBB Members......Before beginning the process, our refinishing specialist prepares the area. He covers the surrounding area for protection. Our specialist then begins his job.If the surface has any cracks or chips, the specialist repairs these first. He fixes and fills the cracks or holes. If the specialist is dealing with a fiberglass bathtub, he sands it to achieve a thorough cleaned surface. For all other types of surfaces, the specialist uses an acid etch to clean them. A clean surface lets the paint adhere more to the original surface.Once the surface is completely clean, a priming agent is applied so the paint sticks to the original finish. A bonding reaction results in a better adhesion and a longer-lasting product.To finish, the specialist sprays a special coating of paint onto the prepared surface. This is offered in various colors and glosses. With our technique, your BATHTUB, TILE, SHOWER, SINK, COUNTER, CABINETS will be ready in just 12 to 24 hours.Our refinishing specialist will give you a care and maintenance sheet when the job is finished. If the surface is maintained properly, it will last up to 20 years.We also offer a GREAT 5Years WARRANTY which we are glad to honor if necessary. call us for free estimate 214-432-2717 or visit us 

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